Back !

¬†There I am, back from a lot of changes and hectic schedules in the new job (yes, got a Job change). I will be working mostly on Windows platform now (since most of the time of the day goes at work) and only fraction of weekends will be there to satiate my leehnux love .. few things that happened : –

  • Theme change (am loving this “girl” theme by Stacey Leung, loving the girl too).
  • Started spending some time on exercising (regularly) and am really happy about it.
  • Received “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb as a farewell gift from my colleagues. Overwhelmed with it. I love the way Taleb writes and the stuff that he writes. No nonsense. All logic.¬† Thanks friends.
  • Lot many books added to my backlog including iCon (Steve Jobs’ Biography), iWoz (Steve Wozniak’s Biography), The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell), The Undercover Economist (Tim Harford) {half way through it}, The Black Swan, It happened in India, George Soros’s Biography, Iaococca and many more.
  • Came to know about the development support from Microsoft and think now that “all” is not crap about Microsoft (although still agree that a major (released) part is). Impressed especially by the COM architecture which gives such a beautiful support to create pluggable components. (simply put – great extensibility !). Localization is another area where MS API support rocks. Still to dig more into it.